Hopkinsville KY to Poplar Bluff, MO a Tough Long-Distance Ride

Most folks who cross the country by bicycle are extreme cyclists, as they brave themselves in month long to 45-day test of stamina, endurance and personal character. Most of those who do this go from West to East. Why you ask? Well it is simple, as there are the same amount of hills either way you go. You start out at sea level and then finish back at sea level and go over all the mountains in between. But there is a big bonus to traveling West to East, because that is which way the weather and wind travels. If you are going to challenge Mother Nature you may as well take up this advantage.

In our trek across America from East to West, the true test of endurance, we will on day four be traveling be starting from Hopkinsville KY. First we head up to Paducah, KY on Hwy 68 and we fill up our water bottles ahead of time due to the problems with the nuclear radiation in the ground water there. The first 10-mile warm up is uneventful but then we get into a very scenic ride.

For the next 30-miles we pass by the Lake Barkley State Park and we will cross over a portion of both Lake Barkley and Kentucky Lake on Highway 68. It is then only 25 miles into Peducah, KY where we will rest not more than 30-minutes and then head off to cross the mighty river; Missouri River on highway 60. This is about 30 more miles.

Once across the river we will turn onto Highway 62 West and be at the 100-mile checkpoint. Onto Poplar Bluff we go to finish the day and round out one hell of a long-distance ride about 85 more miles and then we rest.

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